Safety Training

We offer a range of safety solutions for your business. We can deliver tailored support designed to help you identify and manage risks and let you focus on building your business.

We can deliver training programmes for business managers to promote safe behaviours throughout your company, starting at the top ensuring your senior managers lead by example and develop leadership behaviours for safety.

Please see our current list of safety courses below. We also provide Radiological Training Courses which can be found here.

Introduction to health and safety management

  • Current national statistics
  • Overview and updates of current legislation, including sentencing guidelines
  • Regulation and enforcement
  • Where to find the right information (I can also supply a USB drive with most relevant guidance documents).
  • Overview of safety management systems

Risk assessment

  • What the legal requirement is
  • Current national statistics; what are the risks
  • How to assess risk for work tasks
  • Group exercise; completing a risk assessment for a task

 Introduction to error management

  • Why we all make errors,
  • Development of research in understanding of human error
  • How we can reduce the probability of errors