Independent Specialists in Nuclear and Radiation Safety

We provide specialist nuclear and radiation safety services to small and medium sized businesses. To this end we use our members' broad knowledge and experience from the nuclear, defence, medical, automotive, steel production, transport, education and energy sectors.

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"Clear and concise explanations, the course tutor certainly understood this subject and could explain and answer every question immediately." Steve, Senior Safety Officer (offshore), Allseas."

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Every year we donate 15% of our profits to good causes. This year we donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal (part of the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal). To apply for a donation from Market Cross or to enquire about sponsorship please click here.

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RPA Consultation

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We believe that it takes, not only qualified and experienced consultants, but socially responsible safety experts to deliver rational and proportionate assessment of risks.

Our uniquely efficient business model makes us highly competitive in the marketplace and our scientific and social commitments make us a valued community asset. We are the nuclear industry’s first Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE).

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Like our website? It is developed, edited and hosted on our Linux servers by our members. In other words it costs next to nothing to run and maintain. This is another example of how our business model works and how we keep our overheads and our prices low.