RP Monitoring Service

Our Radiation Monitoring Service provides a support service for compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations (IRR17). Suitably qualified and experienced health physics surveyors can be supplied to either support an existing health physics team or to take charge as health physics supervisors on particular projects.


Surveyors are supplied to ensure compliance with the requirements of the IRR99. The main purpose of this category of monitoring is to keep doses to personnel and levels of contamination as low as reasonably practicable. Typically, surveyors will work to action levels and have to authority to cease operations if these levels are exceeded. This kind of work often involves the following:

  1. Monitoring of Controlled and Supervised areas – for radiological area designation or review of an existing designation;
  2. Barrier monitoring – to assist personnel leaving contaminated controlled areas, including undressing of C3 clothing and monitoring of tools and equipment;
  3. Operational monitoring – for monitoring during maintenance of plant particularly intrusive maintenance of active systems (e.g. process pipework, filter housings, etc.);
  4. Package monitoring – for monitoring of transport packaging to ensure compliance with both IRR99 and the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Transportable Pressure Regulations. 

We supply three other monitoring services to assist with building, plant and land characterisation and radioactive waste assessment:

  1. Clearance Monitoring;
  2. Remote Systems;
  3. Instrument Software.

Of course we also provide generic services such as Radiation Protection Adviser services and Radiation Protection Supervisor Training services.