Radiation Training Announcement

Our next Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) Training Course will be held on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of July . Please click here for details and booking form.

Our new NORM RPS training course will be held on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th July. Please click here for details and booking form.

Our next Basic Radiation Protection (BRP) training course is being held on Monday 10th July. Please click here for details and booking form.

Market Cross completes EHS audit for oil and gas sites in the US, UK, UAE, Brazil and Malaysia

This month Market Cross completed an audit on the environmental permitting and radiation safety aspects of a number of oil and gas process diagnosic sites around the world. Together with our client, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Ltd, this top level audit covered all aspects of corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) for activites carried out by the end client within the industry.

The EHS audit was carried out by a team of auditors around the world and the environmental permitting and radiation safety audit strategy was led by Market Cross

Successful Completion of Shielding Integrity Works at Brighton 3TS

In collaboration with our partner and corporate member Cerberus Nuclear, a series of shielding integrity tests were successfully completed at the Trauma, Teaching and Tertial Care (3Ts) redevelopment project at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Shielding Integrity Testing Team at Brighton 3TS County Hostpital

The project involved the use of industrial radiography sources and a betatron accelerator all of which required strict radiological control and full RPA support.

Risk Assessment Support for Local Fete

As part of our committment to community support projects Market Cross provided voluntary support to the Osmington summer fete this month. A full risk assessment was carried out and a number of recommendations were made. Of course, these were implemented prior to commencement of the fun and games.

Osmington Summer Fete 2022
Please park your car here. I have assessed the risks!

Ground Investigation Works at Birthplace of Market Cross

This month Market Cross were tasked to carry out some ground investigation and health phyiscs work on a site suitable for development. This time, however, the work brought about a tinge of nostalia. This was because the work was undertaken on the very site where Market Cross was conceived and incorporated, Winfrith Technology Centre.

Borehole Monitoring at Dorset Innovation Park

Today the site is known as Dorset Innovation Park and Market Cross still has its main office there at Chesil House.

Market Cross provides radiation protection support for a key steel production development project

Market Cross has been asked to provide critical examinations, qualified radiation protection advice and radiation moniting services to asist in the development of a proprietary X-ray based steel assay system.

The type of support adapts as the project matures and this is due to design modifications and quality assurance requirements typical of a development project. We are looking forward to a successsful conclusion to the project when the prototype will go into in production and provide significant cost savings within the steel industry.

Red Cross Flag

Market Cross Donates to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Today we are proud to announce that we have made a significant donation to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. This money will be used to distribute food and basic aid items and provide medical and psychosocial support for people arriving in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries such as Poland, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania.

Our usual remit is to donate to scientific and educational based charities in the local area but this year the heartbreaking and desperate situation in Ukraine together with the heroic actions of its population have inspired our members to make an exception. In fact, we have donated 15% of our entire annual profit for the financial year 2020/2021 to the British Red Cross.

We very much stand with the people of Ukraine.

Market Cross provides radiological protection advice to Royal Sussex County Hosptial

In collaboration with our partner and corporate member Cerberus Nuclear, Market Cross is providing radiological protection advice for the Trauma, Teaching and Tertial Care (3Ts) redevelopment project at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. As part of our RPA Service, we use our experience in engineering measures and construction techniques to ensure that accidental radiation doses to engineers, hospital staff and patients are eliminated and that occupational doses are kept as low as reasonably practicable.

Royal Sussex County Hospital – photo courtesy of the National Health Service

Once construction is complete we will assist Cerberus Nuclear in the shielding integrity testing phase of the project. This will involve the use of industrial radiography sources and betatron accelerators all of which require strict radiological control.

Market Cross Social Accounts 2021

Market Cross UK Ltd’s Annual General Meeting 2021 was held yesterday at Dorset Innovation Park.

Again as part of our AGM, a presentation was made regarding our Social Accounts. These accounts are proof of our committment to local communities and the industries in which we operate and we are pleased to publish the latest verson here on our members site:


Social Accounts are an effective way to demonstrate positive community impact and show that our members carry out their committments in full. When you consider the pool of talent in our membership then the volunteer work, scientific presentations, safety training, sponsorship/donations and specialist risk assessments freely carried out by our members for the local communities really have an impact.

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Market Cross delivers the spark required to restart a site remediation project

Market Cross was the sucessful bidder to take over the remediation of a radioactively contaminated site in Kent. Previously, the work had stalled when the remediation contractor walked off site without notice, never to return!

The work, due for completion in April 2022, involves the repacking, re-assessment and consignment of contaminated materials.

In support of these operations Market Cross also supplies RPA and RWA services to ensure a safe working environment in accordance with IRR17 and safe and proper waste sentencing regime in accordance with EPR16.

The project is a further vote of confidence from the private sector about Market Cross UK’s ability to deliver challenging safety, quality and environment projects within a sensible budget.

Once again Market Cross delivers the spark required, without charging the earth.