Membership Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

Membership of Market Cross brings small companies like yours into what is little short of a revolution in small business marketing, trading and resourcing.

Take a look at our video for a quick introduction:

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A great deal of interest has been generated by the Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE) business model in the energy industries. This is because the model is able to stimulate business for the essential smaller companies that provide specialist services to the industry but find it challenging to compete with the larger organisations.

Furthermore, the DSE model is the perfect tonic to the associate network regime because it helps to improve job satisfaction, increase motivation and reduce the time spent on tedious sales, marketing and resourcing jobs. Could it be that we finally have a way to get that work / life balance right?

Trading Examples

For a quick rundown on typical member trading examples click here.

Business Model

Our DSE business model is more cost effective than standard business models because there are no speculative investor shareholders, no middle-management, no sales teams and no hidden agendas. The model also benefits from shared resources, transparent finances and sensible overheads. Members range from sole traders to medium sized limited companies who use the services provided by Market Cross as a way to secure work for themselves, their employees and the membership as a whole. Depending upon the type of work and type of membership, they can also resource the membership to provide cover for sickness, leave or heavy workload.

Membership Benefits

The main benefits of membership can be broken down as follows:

Trading Benefits

  1. Members own the company;
  2. Bigger, more frequent contract opportunities;
  3. Equitable profit share schemes available on all types of work;
  4. Central Marketing;
  5. Back office services;
  6. Shared skills and resources mean that cover is provided in case of illness or holidays;
  7. Professional indemnity insurance cover (for work carried out though the company);
  8. Clients can also be members;
  9. No necessity to transfer existing or future trade through the company;
  10. Discount buying power, targeted advertising, shared resources.

Professional Benefits

  1. Professional development schemes;
  2. Industry networking including professional affiliations (e.g. SRP, IPSE, NSW, Co-ops UK, etc.);
  3. Large knowledge and experience pool;
  4. IP protection system.

Political Benefits

  1. Democratically run organisation;
  2. Equitable voting rights (one member one vote – number of shares irrelevant to voting rights);
  3. Equitable corporate opportunities (any full member can stand for election to the Board);
  4. Team ethos.

Other Benefits

  1. Individual, Corporate and Investor Membership Types (whichever fits you best);
  2. Low Membership cost;
  3. Ethically Driven Enterprise.

Membership Fees

Annual Membership fees are as follows:

Individual User Members who are Sole Traders or Ordinary Business Partnerships (where none of the partners are a limited company):
£69 (+VAT)
Corporate User Members who are Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships or Ordinary Business Partnerships (where at least one of the partners is a limited company):
  1. 1 – 3 employees,   £69 (+VAT)
  2. 4 – 10 employees, £139 (+VAT)
  3. >10 employees,  £949 (+VAT)

Fees are only due after a membership application has been successful. Members are also required to make a one-off purchase of at least one withdrawable £1 Member Share.

Application Form

A membership application form can be obtained by writing to Ceri Wells at:

Market Cross (UK) Limited, 2nd Floor, Chesil House, Dorset Innovation Park, Dorchester DT2 8ZB

Alternatively please complete the form using the link here.

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