About Us

Market Cross is a Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE) providing Nuclear Safety Services to the nuclear, defence, oil & gas and home office sectors. Our Membership is formed from a range of co-operating parties (e.g. Clients, Suppliers, Service Providers, Investors, Stakeholders) coming from a range of related disciplines.

Each Member is democratically involved in the running of the company and this allows each Member to have a direct influence in the direction of the business. This means even clients can have an influence. We are the first DSE in the world to provide nuclear safety services. Expect to see more DSEs like ours emerging into other sectors.

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Written into our very articles of association is a commitment to support our local community and our industry. We take this commitment very seriously and during our short existence we have already contributed to several community projects.

Not only that, but built into the fabric of our company is the four circles of commerce. They can, very generally, be presented by the following image.

We believe the four interjoined components are essential to a practicable business environment and provide benefits far beyond the basic business model. We find that this aproach builds trust between clients, suppliers, stakeholders, staff and members which in turn results in long-term working relationships and much improved working environments.