Market Cross is a Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE) which means that our Membership is formed from a range of co-operating parties (e.g. Clients, Suppliers, Service Providers, Investors) coming from a range of related disciplines (e.g. Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewables). Each Member is democratically involved in the running of the company allowing Client Members to have a direct influence in the direction of the business.

Clients who use our Services benefit from:

Low Rates:
  1. No sales teams, no middle management, no speculative shareholdings
  2. Profit is put back into the business for the benefit of:
    • Reinvestment in the industry (R&D reserves)
    • Reinvestment in Members (e.g. training and professional development)
    • Motivation of Members (equitable profit share schemes)
    • Investment in community projects
Access to a Skilled and Experienced Workforce:
  1. Already running their own businesses
  2. With a proven track record on delivery
  3. With cohesive working arrangements due to strict membership requirements
  4. With a guarantee of supply
  5. With an extensive knowledge and experience pool

A One-Stop Shop:

  1. Providing working parties from a single organisation rather than subcontractor after subcontractor
  2. Providing simplistic compliance of SME quotas
  3. Eliminating multi-tier contract requirements
Democracy and transparency (clients can also join the membership):
  1. Voting rights
  2. Annual reporting
  3. Accessible member skills database.

Suitably Qualified and Experienced Board of Directors:

  1. At least 10 years’ experience in relevant industry
  2. Long Experience in running own companies
  3. Strict company Rules
  4. Principle based ethos
Benefits to the Client's Stakeholders:
  1. An experienced reputable workforce leads to an increased confidence in the process
  2. Fiscal transparency
  3. Safety assessment process transparency
  4. Social accounting
  5. No hidden agendas
  6. Ethically driven enterprise.