Client Information

What we are

Our company is a Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE) consisting of closely co-operating SMEs and community groups including Service Providers, Suppliers, Clients, Stakeholders and Investors. These entities have come together to form a company that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What we do

Market Cross is the first DSE in the world to provide nuclear and radiation safety services to the nuclear, oil & gas, defence and home office sectors. We provide these services with uncompromising quality, high reliability, cross-industry expertise and high levels of experience.

Why you should consider us

The DSE company structure lends itself to the very low overhead business model that we employ. This means that our service rates for any comparable level of qualification/experience/expertise/reliability are unbeatable. It is likely that you have been overcharged and underprovisioned by your current supplier for years. Things are about to change for the better.

Clients who use our Services benefit from:

Low Rates

  1. No sales teams, no middle management, no speculative shareholders
  2. Efficient company infrastructure maintained by members and volunteers
  3. Profit is put back into the business for the benefit of:
    • Reinvestment in the industry (R&D reserves)
    • Reinvestment in the workforce (e.g. training and professional development)
    • Motivation of company members (equitable profit share schemes)
    • Investment in community projects

Access to a Skilled and Experienced Workforce

  1. Already running their own businesses
  2. With a proven track record on delivery
  3. With cohesive working arrangements due to strict membership requirements
  4. With a guarantee of supply
  5. With an extensive knowledge and experience pool

Certified Quality Systems

  1. Market Cross's Business Management System (BMS) is certified to both ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management)
  2. Our quality processes ensure that any work carried out is consistent, accurate and traceable within our BMS
  3. Our supply chain auditing process ensures that procedures are in place to ensure the compliance of all members, associates and subcontractors with all relevant tax laws and supply chain requirements.

A One-Stop Shop

  1. Providing working parties from a single organisation rather than subcontractor after subcontractor
  2. Providing simplistic compliance of SME quotas
  3. Eliminating multi-tier contract requirements

Democracy and transparency (clients can also join the membership)

  1. Voting rights
  2. Annual reporting
  3. Accessible member skills database.

Qualified and Experienced Board of Directors

  1. At least 10 years’ experience in relevant industry
  2. Long Experience in running own companies
  3. Strict company Rules
  4. Principle based ethos

Benefits to the Client's Stakeholders

  1. An experienced reputable workforce leads to an increased confidence in the process
  2. Fiscal transparency
  3. Safety assessment process transparency
  4. Social accounting
  5. No hidden agendas
  6. Ethically driven enterprise.