About Us

We are the first Democratic Social Enterprise (DSE), probably in the world, to provide Nuclear Services. We are committed to the principles of cost efficiency, co-operation and industry development. Our company is wholly owned by its members and is organised such that our clients (and therefore our fellow member's clients) can tap into a considerable resource of professional skills from the nuclear, engineering and other scientifically based fields.

Our goal can be summarised as follows:

We aim to provide a cost effective, equitable, sole-contractor solution by enabling our clients to engage with our comprehensive pool of professional members.


Members will be either Individual Members (self-employed persons), Corporate Members (i.e. persons running a limited company) or Investor Members (be it time or money invested in the enterprise). One of the many benefits of being a DSE is that Clients can also become Members and assist in the running of the organisation. Clients would be classed as Investor Members since they would be investing their time and possibly their money for the benefit of the projects at hand. Further details on membership can be found here.

Market Cross UK Limited is an affiliate member of the Society of Radiological Protection, a full member of Co-operatives UK and a signatory to the supply chain charter for Nuclear Decommissioning.

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If you would like further information then please call Ceri on: 01929 401040.