Market Cross provides radiation protection support for a key steel production development project

Market Cross has been asked to provide critical examinations, qualified radiation protection advice and radiation moniting services to asist in the development of a proprietary X-ray based steel assay system.

The type of support adapts as the project matures and this is due to design modifications and quality assurance requirements typical of a development project. We are looking forward to a successsful conclusion to the project when the prototype will go into in production and provide significant cost savings within the steel industry.

Market Cross provides radiological protection advice to Royal Sussex County Hosptial

In collaboration with our partner and corporate member Cerberus Nuclear, Market Cross is providing radiological protection advice for the Trauma, Teaching and Tertial Care (3Ts) redevelopment project at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. As part of our RPA Service, we use our experience in engineering measures and construction techniques to ensure that accidental radiation doses to engineers, hospital staff and patients are eliminated and that occupational doses are kept as low as reasonably practicable.

Royal Sussex County Hospital – photo courtesy of the National Health Service

Once construction is complete we will assist Cerberus Nuclear in the shielding integrity testing phase of the project. This will involve the use of industrial radiography sources and betatron accelerators all of which require strict radiological control.

Market Cross delivers the spark required to restart a site remediation project

Market Cross was the sucessful bidder to take over the remediation of a radioactively contaminated site in Kent. Previously, the work had stalled when the remediation contractor walked off site without notice, never to return!

The work, due for completion in April 2022, involves the repacking, re-assessment and consignment of contaminated materials.

In support of these operations Market Cross also supplies RPA and RWA services to ensure a safe working environment in accordance with IRR17 and safe and proper waste sentencing regime in accordance with EPR16.

The project is a further vote of confidence from the private sector about Market Cross UK’s ability to deliver challenging safety, quality and environment projects within a sensible budget.

Once again Market Cross delivers the spark required, without charging the earth.

Market Cross Completes International Package Design Safety Review

Market Cross has successfully concluded a contract to provide a Package Design Safety Review (PDSR) and a Package Design Shielding Assessment (PDSA) for an international company operating in Australia.

All aspects of the work were managed by Market Cross corporate members including a Market Cross Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) who carried out the shielding assessments and a Market Cross Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) who carried out the safety review.

Natually, the project was delivered precisely on time and well within budget.

Market Cross Delivers Gold Plated Service

Two of the safety team from Market Cross recently provided support to PME Group at Holton Heath, Dorset and Plymouth, Devon.  The marine engineering specialist, PME Power Systems Group, works with products from MAN, NANNI and ESCO, providing expert engineering for power units from 160 to 2000 horsepower. They are the sole marine importer for MAN in the UK.

MAN Diesel Marine engine with custom gold plated component

The Market Cross team completed safety inspections of two of the PME group workshop facilities and provided feedback and audit reports to the PME directors and operations manager. Three sessions of safety training was delivered for key members of their team. Jade Chalk, commercial director of PME thanked the MX team for their help and said that “the input was very useful”.

New Radiation Sensor Consultancy to Perenco

We are proud to have obtained a significant contract from Perenco UK Ltd. Perenco operates Wytch Farm, the largest on-shore oilfield (approx 500 million barrels) in NorthWest Europe.

Wytch Farm’s Oil wells on the Goathorn Peninsula, Poole Harbour. Photo courtesty of Pterre, CC BY 3.0,

The support provided by Market Cross at Wytch Farm will include the optioneering and testing of a range of gamma and alpha spectroscopy systems for the monitoring of NORM waste. It will then move on to the provision of advice on NORM waste assessement and clearance monitoring processes.

Specialist Quality Controller – 4 month milestone

Congratulations to Mike who has completed his first 4 months as the Specialist Quality Controller for Serco. The role involves auditing management systems designed for the control of radioactive materials. The work is undertaken all around the UK including a good number of the UK’s ports and airports.

Market Cross maintains important Serco contract

We are delighted to have received a significant boost to our support for an important project, sponsored by the Home Office. The support provided by Market Cross includes the facilitation of emergency processes, radiation protection advice, training and independent instrument testing.

New Instrument Testing Lab