DIT asks Market Cross for Advice on Nuclear Decommissioning Sector

Market Cross has been assisting the Department of International Trade and an HQ Whitehall sector team regarding nuclear decommissioning.

As part of DIT’s Delivering Through Sector Knowledge (DSK) programme, Market Cross gave a presentation and provided information for a training programme for commercial officers from around the world. Delegates from France, German, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Russia and China came to the UK for a week-long programme about the sector. By the end of the programme they had a good understanding of the UK’s capability both in terms of trade and investment. This enabled them to go back and promote what the UK has to offer to overseas buyers and investors.

This was the first time the Civil Nuclear DSK programme has visited the South West, so it was a really good opportunity to tell them what we know.

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