Market Cross Social Accounts

Market Cross’s Annual General Meeting 2019 was held recently at Dorset Innovation Park. As part of our AGM a presentation was made regarding something we call our Social Accounts.

These accounts are proof of our committment to local communities and the industries in which we operate and we are pleased to publish the latest verson here on our blog:

MX Social Accounts 2019

We believe that all businesses should have a positive impact on local communities and this is why we have our community committments built into our Articles of Association (our raison d’être, if you like).

Social Accounts are an effective way to show a positive community impact and demonstrate that our members carry out their committments in a range of ways. When you consider the pool of talent in our membership (blog writer excepted, of course) then the volunteer work, scientific presentations, safety training, sponsorship/donations and specialist risk assessments freely carried out by our members for the local communities really have an impact. Please see further down our blog for further details.

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