Market Cross supports ground-breaking research project at Thomas Hardye School

As part of its programme to support local science and engineering projects for young people, Market Cross UK Limited has donated equipment needed for an important research project based in Dorset.

The new centrifuge will enable more efficient DNA extraction and profiling of the Borrelia bacteria from ticks. The Borrelia spirochete bacteria is responsible for Lyme disease in humans which is the most common tick-borne disease in the Northern hemisphere. There are around 3000 new cases of Lyme disease each year in the UK according to Public Health England.

Sixth form students at the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester, Dorset, have been collecting ticks from around Dorset with the aim of developing a risk map of the county and a greater understanding of the epidemiology.

The research, also supported by Exeter University and the Royal Society, has enabled sixth form biology students at the school to develop scientific research skills in preparation for university and a career in science, as well as being part of a significant research project that could help save lives in the county and across the UK.

Pictured below is Michael Reed, current Chairman of Market Cross UK Limited, presenting the new centrifuge to Simon Lewis at Thomas Hardye School.

Further information can be found below.

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Safety Case Production – Dr Paul Coley

We are delighted to welcome new member Dr Paul Coley to the fold. Paul is a highly experienced safety case writer and safety case manager and has produced multiple safety cases for Sellafield Ltd, DSRL, URENCO, LLWR and Magnox in the UK and for Westinghouse and JNFL overseas.

We believe that Paul’s approach to his work exactly reflects the principles of Market Cross – that only ethically grounded, qualified and experienced personnel working for independent, socially responsible organisations can produce truly accurate and proportionate assessments. We are very much looking forward to working with our new colleague for many years to come.

Community Video

Our new community video is now available here. For further information about our commitment to the community please see our ‘About’ page.

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NDA 2018 Supply Chain Event

Market Cross at the 2018 NDA Estate Supply Chain Event

We were exhibiting at the NDA supply chain event last week. This year our stand was in the ‘People Zone’ which is an area of the exhibition exclusively allocated to companies working to support people within the nuclear industry.

We believe it was our unique community based business model, our work on skills development, our membership recruitment campaign and our efforts to address equality, diversity and inclusion attracted the attention of the event organisers.

A big thank you to all who came to see us and we look forward to meeting up again soon.