New Radiation Sensor Consultancy to Perenco

We are proud to have obtained a significant contract from Perenco UK Ltd. Perenco operates Wytch Farm, the largest on-shore oilfield (approx 500 million barrels) in NorthWest Europe.

Wytch Farm’s Oil wells on the Goathorn Peninsula, Poole Harbour. Photo courtesty of Pterre, CC BY 3.0,

The support provided by Market Cross at Wytch Farm will include the optioneering and testing of a range of gamma and alpha spectroscopy systems for the monitoring of NORM waste. It will then move on to the provision of advice on NORM waste assessement and clearance monitoring processes.

Discovery of Mikeunennium

Last month, under the banner of Market Cross, Ceri, Mike, Alison, Jane and Greg volunteered their services at the Nothe Fort Museum in Weymouth.  The task was to serve some extrodinary real ales to thirsty punters generously parting with their cash at a new Winter Beer Festival. The festival itself, thankfully, was held inside a nice warm marquee on the parade ground. All profits went to the Poppy Appeal.

Of course, by the end of the evening many a conversation turned to the meaning of life and the role of science in society. And although there was no actual science going in that marquee, Mike discovered that he was in his element.

Specialist Quality Controller – 4 month milestone

Congratulations to Mike who has completed his first 4 months as the Specialist Quality Controller for Serco. The role involves auditing management systems designed for the control of radioactive materials. The work is undertaken all around the UK including a good number of the UK’s ports and airports.

Market Cross Social Accounts

Market Cross’s Annual General Meeting 2019 was held recently at Dorset Innovation Park. As part of our AGM a presentation was made regarding something we call our Social Accounts.

These accounts are proof of our committment to local communities and the industries in which we operate and we are pleased to publish the latest verson here on our blog:

MX Social Accounts 2019

We believe that all businesses should have a positive impact on local communities and this is why we have our community committments built into our Articles of Association (our raison d’être, if you like).

Social Accounts are an effective way to show a positive community impact and demonstrate that our members carry out their committments in a range of ways. When you consider the pool of talent in our membership (blog writer excepted, of course) then the volunteer work, scientific presentations, safety training, sponsorship/donations and specialist risk assessments freely carried out by our members for the local communities really have an impact. Please see further down our blog for further details.

Market Cross goes all outer space for the community

Learning about radiation on Earth and in Outer Space

Market Cross supported a special “Learn to be an Astronaut event” in Dorchester on 21st July. We shared a marquee with a number of innovative locally based science companies and organisations. We also had a walk-in layout of the ISS right behind our stand which included modules representing different subjects, activities and handouts. There was “Radiation on Earth” in the Zarya Control Module, “Radiation in Space” in the Columbus Laboratory, “Radiation Protection – Time, Distance, Shielding” in the Kibo Research Module and “Radiation Protection – Magnetic Fields” in the Destiny Laboratory.

The ISS gets busy during the summer!

The layout was proportioned to-scale and for a bit of extra fun we had an emergency activity involving Solar Particle Events (or proton storms). When the SPE alarm went off everyone had to evacuate to the “shielded” Zvezda Control Module. In the end we had to stop doing the emergency activity because the ISS became too popular and there were too many people to fit into the Control Module!

DIT asks Market Cross for Advice on Nuclear Decommissioning Sector

Market Cross has been assisting the Department of International Trade and an HQ Whitehall sector team regarding nuclear decommissioning.

As part of DIT’s Delivering Through Sector Knowledge (DSK) programme, Market Cross gave a presentation and provided information for a training programme for commercial officers from around the world. Delegates from France, German, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Russia and China came to the UK for a week-long programme about the sector. By the end of the programme they had a good understanding of the UK’s capability both in terms of trade and investment. This enabled them to go back and promote what the UK has to offer to overseas buyers and investors.

This was the first time the Civil Nuclear DSK programme has visited the South West, so it was a really good opportunity to tell them what we know.

Market Cross – Finalist at the 2019 GTR UK Export Showcase

Today Market Cross is at the Global Trade Review 2019 talking about UK Export Planning.  Market Cross is a GTR UK Export Action Plan Showcase finalist and we will be setting out our plan for exporting our services to the EU and the rest of the world. Come and talk to us at the Bishopsgate Suite. We will very much welcome your input about your experiences in world trade.

Update (09/05/19). A very good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and talk to us. More photos below.

Market Cross enables school trip to go with a Big Bang!

The Big Bang fair, promoting science, technology, engineering and maths to young people, came to Dorset on 13th March 2019. The Big Bang events are designed to bring science and engineering to life for young people. They provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to experience science and technology hands-on, and interact with inspiring demonstrations (see

Around 2000 pupils from Dorset schools attended the event. Dorchester Middle School sent 48 pupils aged 12 and 13. As part of its programme to support community-based science and engineering projects for young people, Market Cross paid for transport to the event for Dorchester Middle school. This enabled the trip to be all-inclusive, for children of all physical abilities. A representative from Dorchester Middle School said “The event was a huge success for both staff and pupils who had a thoroughly enjoyable day.”

Project Delivery, Management and Commercial Consultant – Ian Alderson

We are delighted to welcome new member Ian Alderson to MX. Ian is a highly experienced business leader, project management and commercial consultant. With 32 years in the nuclear industry, Ian has worked for many of the big nuclear businesses including UKAEA, AEA Technology, RWE Nukem (now Nuvia), Tuv Sud Nuclear Technologies and AREVA (now Orano Projects Ltd).

As an Operations Director and twice statutory Board Director, Ian brings extensive experience in safety, quality, environmental and ethics compliance, preparing winning tenders, setting commercial strategy, continuous improvement, learning from experience facilitation, assured project delivery and commercial leadership.

We believe that Ian’s nature, interaction with others, behaviours and values align closely with those of Market across. We are very much looking forward to working with our new colleague for many years to come.

Market Cross maintains important Serco contract

We are delighted to have received a significant boost to our support for an important project, sponsored by the Home Office. The support provided by Market Cross includes the facilitation of emergency processes, radiation protection advice, training and independent instrument testing.

New Instrument Testing Lab